Shar-Pei Heaven

Welcome to Shar-Pei Heaven.

Founded in August 1996

A memoral of Shar-Pei that have lived and have been loved and now are missed
Dedicated to Chi.
14th June 1995---7th August 1996
Your life was short, but you are not forgotten.

Chi at 6 weeks.
Sian at her second Birthday party.Sian always alert.
Sian 3/7/97 to 8/2/2000 (Suddenly from a massive Heart Attack)
Known as Sian with her pedigree name being Kienko Sian Sian
You were a rescued girl when your elderly parents could no longer tend to your needs.
You went to others and you learnt hunger.
You joined our pack when you were 18 months old.
You were thin and ravenous and likely your desire never to be thin again brought on your early demise.
You gave us your first and only litter on the 27th February 1999.
Six beautiful puppies bear your name.
One or two of your new Shar-Pei family never fully accepted you,
but you stood your ground and won the hearts of the rest.
You always had the front seat when we went for our daily drive and
there was always a place on my bed for you.
Your death was so sudden when your heart gave out.
Your last day had been good, you had found a bone or two left over from the night before.
You came out for your final walk with the rest of the pack, at the end of the day.
But it had been a very hot day and you had run with the others.
You came home and laid to rest and the world for you came to an end.
I will miss your funny lopping run, your eyes that would break ones heart.
Your growls at the other dogs when you thought they were eating too much and it should be left for you.
I shared your whelping , your joy, your heart and finally your last breath in my arms.
I loved you Sian and only hope that your time with us was what you wanted.
We will all met again someday,
Wally, Marie, Ti, Chi Tou, Te Te, Ming, Zen and Teem Sum.

Ming in her last days on Dad's bed.
Ming in her last days on Dad's bed.
Ming. from left Zen(behind Te Te) Te Te, Ming, Mao, Ti, Chi Tou and Teem Sum. Out for another drive a few days before she left.
Ming. from left Zen(behind Te Te) Te Te, Ming, Mao, Ti, Chi Tou and Teem Sum. Out for another drive a few days before she left.(all these Shar Pei are now in Shar Pei Heaven.)

MING (ZEBEDEE HONG MING. {IMP-AUST}) 1/4/1994 to 21/8/2001

For seven wonderful years you shared your life with us.
You had your own mind set but you were true and loving to your pack.
You loved to hunt and no matter what damage they did to you, you always got your prey.
All the other dogs respected you and seldom did you have to put them in their place.
You have always been the smallest of all the dogs but you have likely had the biggest heart.
You whelped, Hongming Qiaukeli Men, Hongming Heide Men, Hongming Beifang, Hongming Nanfang, Hongming Dongfang and Hongming Xifang in 1995.
Wenjia Gaibian Ting Kai and Wenjia Gaibian Mai Tai (Ti) in 1996
Hongming Quan, Hongming Dong, Hongming Xiaji and Hongming Qiu in 1997
Hongming Huo, Hongming Kongqi and Hongming Shui in 1998
And by accident Hingming Leisheng Shen and Hongming Fengbao Shen in 2000
Seventeen puppies you brought into this world and you leave behind many grandchildren and likely many great grandchildren as well.
Who knows how many Shar Pei today can trace their family tree back to you?
You never had a days sickness in your life and only saw the vet for vaccinations and pregnancies.
But in last month of your life you started to lose weight and we found your kidneys had deteriorated.
But still against all odds you stayed with us for over a week after your kidneys had failed completely.
You amazed the vets and you still came with the pack for your daily walks and rides in the van.
To look at you no one would have picked that you were supposed to be dead.
Even on the last morning you had a few of your favorite sweets before you would put to rest.
You have left behind many happy memories for your Dad, Wally and Marie along with your pack, Te Te, Chi Tou, Ti, Teem Sum, Zen and Mao.

Till we all met again, have a happy and loving journey.

Chi Tou

Chi Tou in her back yard.

Chi Tou (10/7/1996-8/10/2001) [CH Wenjia Fchi Tou]
My wonderful chocolate girl came into our pack at 7 weeks of age and was a true daddy's girl, not wanting to be out of my sight for the first year of her life.
Chi Tou quickly grew up and being big boned she filled out becoming the biggest girl in our pack by far.
When she became old enough to breed she refused to allow the sire to mount her and thus she finally had her first litter just before her third birthday.
The following year she had her next and final litter in 2000.
Puppies she whelped are CH Hongming ChiTou-TeTe Leiting (Our boy Zen)
Hongming ChiTou-TeTe Leiyu, Hongming ChiTou-TeTe Xue, Hongming ChiTou-TeTe Candy,Hongming ChiTou-TeTe Leisheng, Hongming Zhenzhu Nanhaizi, Hongming Ruzhi Zhenzhu, Hongming Wa-It Zhenzhu, Hongming Heide Zhenzhu and Hongming Zhenzhu Nuhaizi.
Because of her size we had to show her many times to eventually get her to a New Zealand Champion.
Chi Tou had a cute way of bowing air through her mouth making her cheeks vibrate when ever she got agitated or was on alert.
In May of this year she went off her food and lost some condition, tests showed that she had a kidney problem and we treated her with antibiotics. Chi Tou bounced back and everything alright.
Then in September she lost her appetite again and tests showed that she had a kidney problem again. Fearing the worst, possible 'Amyloidosis' we had a Biopsy done on her kidneys.
The procedure involved her been anaesthetized and even though she came through the procedure fine it was the final blow for her kidneys.
She could not eat and in the last few days was even reluctant to drink water. So before Chi Tou suffered any further we had her put down.
A few hours later the results of her biopsy came back that she had a chronic kidney infection but did not test positive for Amyloidosis.
Likely if we had declined the biopsy she would be recovering today from the infection, as she was for the two days before the procedure, starting to regain her appetite.
Eventually though, her kidneys would fail and it would happen anyway.
So my wonderful friend, you will not suffer no more and we shall met again.
Loved by Wally, Marie, Te Te, Ti, Teem Sum, Zen and Mao.

Shar Pei Calendar

A Final tribute to Chi Tou.

Chi Tou appears on the front cover of the 2002 Calendar of Shar Pei from the Ink-Group.
These Calendars were available through out the world with main agencies in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Hundreds of thousands of people will see our girl when they are browsing through the Calendars for the new year.
Chi Tou will be a cover a girl for a whole year and even though she has passed on, untold people will admire her.Years 2001-2002

Te Te
Te Te about age 4.

Te Te 14/8/93 to 23/2/03

Our first Shar Pei of Hong Ming Kennels who past on in his tenth year.
Te Te is featured as he grew up in our family album.
An aloof male that loved going out in the van and his nightly run.
Te Te had a mishap when about 2 years old, slipped a disc in his spine and became paralysed in his rear legs as a result.
It was considered a 50-50 chance if operated on whether he would have use of his rear legs again.
But to the amazement of the Vets he quickly recovered from surgery and wasn't long before he was getting around again.
He had a bit of a high stepping gait in the rear as the only indication of his mishap.
This ended his Show Dog Days which didn't worry Te Te a bit.
Te Te's pet hates were baths, having his ears done, judges at shows and young pups annoying him.
Like the male lion of a pride Te Te made sure he got the choice bits at meal time and growled at any other dogs that got in his way.
Te Te was the first Shar Pei dog in Palmerston North, New Zealand and was loved by many who used to come to the Garden Centre which we owned at the time, to see him.
You will be missed by many but you are now at rest and happy till we met again.

Ti ........8th December 1996 to 24th June 2005

Ti was the first puppy born from our original pair, TeTe and Ming.
Soon after birth, her sable colourings made her look like a tiger’s cub and so she was called Ti.
She was a very late developer and did not have her first heat till she was 18 months old.
Even as an adult she was always looked youthful. Ti had two litters of puppies and was a wonderful mum.
Ti was never shown in the ring, but enjoyed being at dog shows where she could see the other dogs from the van.
Ti’s one great call to fame was when she appeared in a world wide Shar Pei Calendar featuring her in the month of July 2002. Picture above.
She was a great talker, using her guttural sounds to convey what she was feeling at any time.
Having been with Ti from the instant she drew her first breath till the moment she took her last, has been a privilege and makes one realise that we spent just about 9 years together enjoying this world.
Her sudden demise over the last few days ends our time together for now.

Till we come to where you have gone, walk proud, Ti and talk the talk.

Ti a few days before the end of her days.

We love you Ti, Wally, Marie, Teem Sum, Mao, Zen and Flipper.


Mao ..... 7th December 1999 to 1st October 2005

One big beautiful Shar Pei bitch.

Very lay back and could spend hours watching TV especially any shows with dogs on them.
At times we thought that she would put her nose through the TV screen.

When she was about 18 months old she had an accident, falling out of our van on the way home.
As there were all the other Shar Pei in the van she was not missed till sometime later.
It was many hours later that night we found her hiding in bushes at a park near from where she had obviously fell, cold, blooded and very sore. We had search for several hours in the area looking for her.
If we had not found her that night it would be doubtfully that she would have lived.
But being a Shar Pei she quickly recovered.

You live with a Shar Pei for about 6 years and there is so much one could say.Mao’s health went into a decline within 48 hours, and to prevent suffering she was relieved of any possible pain.
We will not forget you Mao, especially Teem Sum who you didnt really get on with.

Love Wally and Marie, Teem Sum, Zen and your pup Flipper.


Born 22/10/1997 to 5/1/2006

Our wonderful black bitch. Always a loner.
Teem Sum which means beautiful girl was our first Shar Pei to become a NZ Champion.
Unlike our other Shar Pei she preferred to spend her day times in the back of the van with the rear door open, watching the road and gate for any happenings. At night she would come in and join the rest of the family.
Going for rides in the van and walks each day completed her daily routines.
Teem Sum is the last of our orginal pack of five and now has gone to join Te Te, Ming, Ti and Chi Tou.

You will be in our thoughts till we all met again in Shar Pei Heaven
Love you, Wally, Marie, Zen and Flipper

jazz.jpg - 721668 Bytes


Chass was a reascue Shar Pei that was going to be put down from the Welligton Pound if they could not find a home for her. So back in June 2007 we were contacted and told her in.
Orginally called Jazz.
A bit on the skinny side when she arrived but she soon put on condition.
In fact she would eat every thing she could get her jaws on.
Chass was a lovely old girl and was spending her days happily with us, but unfortunately she was run over in our driveway. 26th October 2008.
Your life had its ups and downs, we are just happy you spent over a year with us in a good home.

Missed by Wally, Marie, Zen, Flipper, Chu and Sue

Dogs 014.jpg - 619193 Bytes

ZEN (CH HongMing ChiTou-Te Te Leiting)

2nd June 1999 to 26th August 2009

(Zen is pictured here with our current Shar Pei, Zen is at the rear middle, Flipper in the front of him, Sue to the left hand side of the picture (Since passed away)and Chu to the right: taken June 2006)

Zen was one of six puppies out of our wonderful chocolate bitch, ChiTou and sired by my very first Shar Pei, Te Te.
Zen grew up as a very loving, passive boy, gaining the status of a New Zealand Champion in his first years.

During his life Zen preformed numerous stud duties and has given rise to a great number of Shar Pei in New Zealand.
Zen was the longest lived Shar Pei we have ever had the fortunate pleasure of his company.
A Buffy boy, kept out of trouble and was always ready to show his love and affection.
This was particularly so for my partner Marie. Zen would always comfort Marie in times when she was feeling down.
What can one say about a Shar Pei that has shared 10 years of your life with you?
Words cannot express the feelings that we have.
Greatly loved and sorely missed by Wally, Marie plus Flipper, Sue & Chu plus all those other Shar Pei from the pack that have reached the end of the path before Zen.

Zen is now in Shar Pei Heaven: till we meet again, as all our paths end.

sue1.jpg - 93612 Bytes

SUE 05-04-2005 to 05-05-2010

Sue you and your half sister, Chou joined our family when you were about 6 months old.
You were thin and not trusting of people.
Overtime you came to accept your new family of people and Shar Pei and food was certainly a great help in this matter.
Though you enjoyed your food you were not a guts and you never put on excess weight.
It would appear in hindsight that you always had some medical problems which came to the fore in the last few weeks.
In the end the best was the quick road to Shar Pei Heaven where there is no pain or suffering.
We will miss you Sue.
Wally, Marie, Flipper, Chou and Babe

sim 2 015.JPG - 2821147 Bytes


Daddy's baby
Died 15/1/16 8 years old
Marley i was not ready to lose you i love and miss you so much And life is not the same with out you
Until me meet again best Friend
And i thank god for the blessing of you
RIP baby

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100_9024.JPG - 2256972 Bytes

Munki 1/6/2002 – 12/3/2015

My sweet Munki, you lived 13 years 10 months 3 weeks and 6 days, and I love every inch of you.
I bought you RI from a wonderful breeder,we had almost fourteen years of a great life together.
I miss you so much, I called you Munki cuz you look like a baby ape!
Thru the goodtimes, as you grew up, til you became a senior and started going blind at 9 y/o.
In the past couple years I decided to help you and carry yououtside since you could not see well, and yes I did that 5 plus times per day.
I miss those days, I miss you, I miss your barks, I miss yoursmell, I miss your unconditional love.
You were kissed every morning and at nite when I took you out.
You were walked every day, with thecar rides to the park almost every day and your yummy “healthy” marrow bones filled with soup, brussel sprouts and almond butter, cuz Munkiyou loved to eat!!

Cancer ended up getting the best of you back on Nov 27th 2015 when the vet saw many cancer nodules (lung cancer) in your body.
You only lived 6days longer, saddened at the thought that the cancer spread to your sinus areas also and you had a hard time breathing and you did not eat.
I had to set youfree, off the the Rainbow Bridge where you can now see again.

I love you to the moon and back Munki…..stay with your “pack” Wrinkles, Dakota and Daizy and know that we will all meet again whenmy time is ready.

I love you Munki Moo with Hugs and many Kisses!!! Mum (Cheryl)

Daizy.JPG - 56100 Bytes

Dec 11, 2005 thru Jan 2, 2015

My sweet Daizy, bought you in NH back in Feb 2006 and you had 9 wonderful years, being fed 3x a day, kissed daily, loved more than everand walked almost every day.
Unfortunately in 2012 you were diagnosed with a MCT, that kept coming back…you were a survivor though,you lasted 29 months, thru many operations and chemo pills, unfort. the cancer took the best of you.
You will forever be part of me, Itake you for walks now with me, and talk to you daily.
You are at peace baby Daizy and know I love you and miss you more than ever.

Til we meet again. ****I love you***** Cheryl (Mum)

1848.jpg - 910040 Bytes

Our Darling, ***Gucci***

We are told, that Sharpei's are the Oldest Breed of Dogs inthe World.....

So it is not a wonder - our Darling, that we chose you orvice versa, you chose us, to be in your life.
Such an OldSoul you are.....every moment felt like it was the best withyou.
The Love and Joy you shared with your life with us,immeasurable, our little love.
We will never ever know, adogs Love again our were the 2nd Sharpei andthe last as well.
Scattering your ashes with your littlesister(LEXUS - who is also on here - and Thank-You Wally forthis site xxx) was the greatest gift that we could give you,as you will never, alone...and we know...thatLexus will finally have YOU to play with.
Every day we growstronger, and every day, a little less lost without you.

Thank-You both!! You Ataahua (Beautiful) Bundles ofLove....for loving and caring for us both.
We will meetagain :) No doubt about this.....having had 2 NDE (NearDeath Experiences) I can also say, to those on here: Whenyou do pass over yourselves.....the 1st one's to greet you,on the other side...ARE OUR ANIMALS :)
They usually pushahead of all our other loved one's - Humans :)to make theirappearance, bouncing around, flying around etc...:)

Good Journey our little love's:

Gonefor now....Never ever forgotten - Aroha tinonui - Amorangiand Sharon (Mum and Mama) and also little lad - Te Arikixxx........till we meet again our babys :) xxx

BELLA6.JPG - 230880 Bytes

October 2009 – Sept 2014

We purchased our Bella when she was 18 months old on the spur of the moment as a companion for my German Shepherd.
That was April 2011.
Never owning a shar-pei, I didn’t know what to expect but she immediately won the hearts of all our family members including our GSD.
Our GSD taught her how to play with toys and they spent countless hours chasing each other around our yard.
She did have SPF on numerous occasions and that’s when I learned more about the breed.
She was attached like glue to me and even though I had bad days at work, I so looked forward to her greeting with such excitement every night.
She became ill a few days ago and I dropped her off at the vet yesterday morning.
I got the dreaded call that her kidneys were shutting down and she was in a lot of pain, but she did not show it.
I immediately picked her up and took her home until the appointment we had to put her out of her pain last night.
We spent a few hours with her and every once in a while she would stand with her tail curled trying to be strong.
She was shy of her 5th birthday and reading your website really put my mind at ease.
I will miss her because she was such a unique, loving dog and a became a big part of my life in a short 3 ˝ years.

Until we meet again Bella.

Mary Regimbal

dado.JPG - 244866 Bytes

Dado 5:06:2003 to 31:01:2014

Hi Wally,
Most possibly you would not remember but I adopt/purchased Dado, our shar pei boy, from you 10 years ago.
He left us on 31st Jan this year due to kidney failure.
He was born on 5th June 2003.
He has been a great family member all these years, during which I got married, then we had 3 children.
I had to say our attention shifted a lot to our children but he has always been there for us!


Hugo.JPG - 52893 Bytes

RIP my boy Hugo Kornilius

Nov 2000 (rescued) to June 19 2013

Thank you for posting this and for your site.
I am crying as I writ this. My boy was by my side through thick and thin, through break ups, the death of my father, but also many happy times.

I rescued him, he was a bit odd at first and his previous owner had broken his leg.
He couldn't climb stairs and became very attached to me and only me.
My friends and family often commented how long he could stare at me, his beloved.
Occasionally when I had to travel, he would shut himself off, stare at a wall, then come back to live when I returned.
Hugo had a huge appetite. He are raw meat for a while, vegetables including spinach and kale, kiwi fruit, he loved the healthier things which is why he lived to 12 1/2+.
About a year ago he stated to get congestive heart disease.
His good vet kept him going another year, but sadly, his days were numbered.
He climbed a staircase to get to a toilet (he was always thirsty because he took diuretics) and took in too much water.
It was only a matter if time.
He passed out on the lawn and died in my arms.
I will never forget my baby, I love him and miss him so much it hurts.

I love you my Baby King Korn!!
Love you!
Miss you!

Thank you for posting!


rockyru.JPG - 166240 Bytes

Rocky Ru Blu

This is rocky ru blu, we got him at around 7/8 weeks.
He was the runt of the litter and so small we fell in love as soon as we saw him.
He was so lazy always sleeping and eating.
He was a mummys boy used to always follow me around, sit on my knee whenever i sat down.
He would either sit on my head or nibble my ear to wake me up in the mornings.
Everywhere we went everybody loved you.
Taking photos and holding you. You even put shops on hold because workers would come see you..
You was a perfect little puppy.
All off a sudden you became poorly. Stopped eating, refusing to move, wouldnt drink.
We took you to the vets and you got worse by the time we got there. Couldnt even stand up.
They wanted to keep you in over night and see you you got on. They then wanted to do an xray due to your breathing heavy.
Your heart stopped for 2/3 minutes until they got it going again. Then we got the news.. You wasnt able to do anything they thought you was brain dead but we had faith in you.
The next day when we came to visit you, you was doing brilliant. Breathing on your own, moving, had your eyes open and responding to our touch. You even tried to move your tail up.
But again you turned really bad again a past away. Its the saddest news i've recieved.
At least i was able to tell you i love you before you left. The house isnt the same without you.
I miss you so much i would do anything to have you back.
Love you rockyrooroo and miss you to the moon and back xxxxxxxx

leo.JPG - 31640 Bytes


Dear Wally
I have been so blessed, that I had a 7-9week Shar-pei called: Leo
The people who first had him called him: Chippie.
I used to often say: Shar-pei Leo my love (my liefie).
He died yesterday of heart failure on 21 January 2013 after the eye operation.
He had water on the longues and then had heart-failure.
He was so special, clever, adorable and sweet. I had plans for our future!
He used to jump like a little "bokkie" - dear. He used to take bands of my arm when I would say "haal af Leo" - take it off Leo.
Today I know he is in heaven with God, but I miss him!
I am sure that I fulfilled his last wishes and I miss him dearly!
He was my best friend! Even though not long with me, he was my heart!
I called him Leo, as he had the heart of a Lion - roar! He loved life!
I love you Leo:
Jesus teaches in John 14 that our destination has been determined.1 “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. 2 In My Father’s house are many mansions;[a] if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.[b] 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also. 4 And where I go you know, and the way you know.”
Sand Lion

With love
Jeanine Marx

Queenie on Patio 1.JPG - 191243 Bytes


May 27, 2005 - August 12, 20127 years, 2 months, 16 Days

Today was sad, we lost Queenie our second Shar Pei to a genetic kidney disease that resulted in cardiac arrest at the vet's office.
Queenie was young only 7 years old, but like many Shar Pei she had inherited a genetic code for kidney disease.
We first noticed the problem a few months ago and took her to the vet for tests revealing she was in stage four of kidney failure.
The vet put her on IVs for two days in the hospital and Queenie got better.
We changed her diet and she was pretty good most days, but two days ago, she stopped eating and started having problems walking.
She slept most of the day. Last night she went totally blind so this morning we took her to the vet's to get her on an IV again and to consider a blood transfusion.
About 8:30 pm tonight the vet called and told us Queenie went into cardiac arrest and could not be revived and passed on at 8:10 pm.
We went to the vet to pick up Queenie and bring her home one last time. In the morning we will take her to the pet cemetery.
Queenie was a head strong Shar Pei, she was my wife's baby and stuck to my wife like glue.
She like to play with toys and with our male Border Collie mix, KeyJay.
Our female Australian Cattle Dog mix, Foxy, babied Queenie who was the youngest of our three dogs.
Queenie was very protective of the house and it took her awhile to trust strangers.
She liked to sleep on the bed and sit in the sun.
She was a loving dog to us and we miss her so much already.
We love our dogs, but losing one is so emotionally hard.
I can only hope that our spirits are connected and we meet again.

Sunshine.JPG - 208566 Bytes


Born August 17, 1993Adopted November 13, 1993Died February 10, 2004
Age 10 years, 5 months, 25 days

Sunshine came to us from a breeder who was not careful about genetic defects in the breed.
Sunshine was a sweet puppy, always hungry and who followed me where ever I went. He was 3 months old when he came home with us to keep our beloved Rocky Company after Rocky lost his sight.
Rocky passed away on November 20, 1993 and Sunshine was the only dog in the house for awhile.
He was headstrong and playful and a joy to behold. When Sunshine turned 6 months old his problems began, he had a high fever and his hind legs were swollen, we didn’t know what it was.
We rushed him to the Vet and he was given a shot for allergic reaction and a cold shower to bring his temperature down.
After two days Sunshine was fine. It took about 4 years and many episodes to diagnose this as Familial Shar Pei Fever and Swollen Hock Syndrome a genetic disease prevalent in about 25% of all Shar Pei.
Sunshine also had constant ear infections, skin problems, and a trick knee, all genetic defects of the breed.
Sunshine had company by the time he was 5months old, we got Tiger a Pit Bull Terrier who was hyperactive.
Tiger tried to eat the house so he only stated with us for about 4 months.
Then came Chinchin a sweet female Akita-German Shepard mix.
She was a sweetheart, but we found that Sunshine was aggressive with other dogs.
He and Chinchin usually got along, but if Sunshine saw another dog or a cat, he would attack Chinchin and she was bigger and would injure him.
After five years and a serious dog fight between the two of them we had to give up Chinchin which broke my heart.
Sunshine’s health did not ever really get better, he had the ear infections, occasional FSF episodes and then a very serious FSF episode with a temperature of 107 and ulceration of the legs requiring surgery close.
After this episode Sunshine was put on medication for the FSF and after taking it three times his FSF never came back in serious episodes.
But his health problems did not end there.
He developed a serious infection in his prostate and half of his prostate had to be removed, he was neutered at the same time.
During this surgery a tumor was found on his tongue which was cancerous and was removed.
Sunshine was always stoic in the face of his health problems, he loved being at home with us, loved to have his chest scratched, begged at the dinner table, liked to go for rides in the car.
Loved a walk in the park even after he started to develop arthritis in his legs.
We made steps for him to get in and out of our bed so he didn’t have to jump. Sunshine mellowed out in his later adult years.
He liked to be near one of us always or lay outside on his piece of carpet in the sun.
He was a very loving dog to us and very protective of us. He was a loyal family member.
Then the grandchildren arrived, I was unsure how Sunshine would deal with a baby, but he was curious of Tyler but never aggressive with her, he would sniff her and allow her to touch him when she was only 6 months old.
Sunshine accepts our grandchildren though he does not see them often. Sunshine next started to develop entropia of the eye lids at the age of 9, we though it would require surgery but a couple trips to the eye doctor and some good eye drops and his eyes got better without the surgery.
By this time a tumor started developing on his head, it grew but didn’t appear to be bothering him so we did not have it removed.
Sunshine now 10, was a pretty quiet dog now unless a cat intruded into our yard or a bird had the audacity to sit in one of our trees.
About a week before he passed, he started developing breathing problems and it seemed that any minor exercise would cause him to breath very hard.
Fluids were discharging through the skin of his legs and massing around his legs and genital area.
We took him to the vet and had xrays, then took him back the next day for blood work as he couldn’t lay down to sleep he was just sitting panting allnight.
After two days on antibiotics he was getting a little better, then in another two days he was back to not laying down so we took him to the vet to show her some research I had done wit ha Shar Pei group on the internet.
The bet wanted to xray him again and did so, Sunshine stressed out at the vet’s office and when the vet tech brought him back to us after the xray, he collapsed, had a heart attack and died in my wife’s arms.
The vets tried to resuscitate him but could not.
Sunshine passed over on Tuesday February 10, 2004 at about 4:30 PM. He is greatly missed and loved.
Our house seems empty without Sunshine’s physical presence, but his spirit still lives with us. He can never be replaced, but we will have the patter of more little ones in our house again as a house with a dog has no soul.
Sunshine was a strong willed, affectionate dog, he was very curious always had to get his nose into the middle of anything that took attention away from him.
He would always end up with a white nose and anything was being painted. He would sit on the middle of the news paper when I tried to read it while sitting on the floor.
Each evening he would come tell me when it was time for his snack and he would go whine to my wife when he wanted to go for a ride in the car.
He would go to bed when I did and then get up after a while to go lie down with my wife while she was watching TV.
He slept in, in the mornings and liked to covered with his blanket and have his pillow.
Sunshine had a knack for being right in front of you when you were carrying something heavy.
He was all dog and loyal to his pack our family.

DSC00348.JPG - 214630 Bytes

SPIKE 26.01.2003 - 14.02.2012

This is my shar-pei Spike.
He was my shadow for 9 amazing years and he left me on valentine's day.
He was the most amazing dog and I miss him everyday more.
Spike I'm sure we'll see eachother again. I love you.

DSC02120.JPG - 211032 Bytes

Ginger 2008=2012 R.I.P

my ginger died febrero 3 2012 she was tree years old dr think she hase sharpei fiber i dont know wath happen to my bb i love her so much she is my love

THANK YOU, Lucy Miranda

jack.jpg - 237525 Bytes

Jack: 30/04/2003- 31/-01/2012

This is Jack my beloved Shar Pei.
I got him in my 20's and it was love at first sight.
He was so beautiful and I loved that he was independent a real protector and friend.
Anyone who has had a Pei knows how unique and loving they are.
He can never be replaced he was a best friend, my rock and all in the package of a huge teddy bear.
He loved being inside, his walks, pizza and his soft toys I am devastated by his sudden loss.
One day he just struggled to get up and over the following 2-3 weeks I took him back to the vets 9 times to try and get help for him.
He saw a total of 9 vets but no one could save him they think he may have had leukemia or septic arthritis.
I always thought he would be with me for so much longer and I am saddened to see on here that many are taken even younger than him.

I hope that responsible breeders are focusing primarily on health not looks as this beautiful breed have so much more than wrinkles to offer.

I love you Jack

IMAG0008.JPG - 2238482 Bytes

PawPaw (2/1/06-11/1/11)

Hi Wally, this website has helped me so much being able to see that I am not alone in my pain, as I lost my beautiful PawPaw a few days ago.
PawPaw was my first shar-pei and I not only fell in love with him, but his breed as well; even though each pei has their own qualities, they also have so many similar characteristics.
It is so easy to see with each pei story that I read and cried through, just how many stories I related to. Please add my story to your site. Here it goes:

My sweet PawPaw (2/1/06-11/1/11), also know as mamapaws, piggalpaw (Michael and Ian's nickname for you), buddy (daddy's nickname for you) and mama (why did I call you that when you were a male?
Doesn't matter, you weren't insulted).
You came into our lives when you were 7 months and have given us a little over 5 wonderful years with you.
I miss you so much, it is still so hard to believe that your not here with me.
What I miss the most is when you would take up my WHOLE side of the bed and leave me squashed in the middle between you and your daddy.
Your constant patrolling of the yard, keeping us safe from those evil squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits!
Your cute little Dorito ears (Brit started that). Your beautiful expressive eyes... I don't think there is another breed out there with those eyes, the pei can just see into your soul.
In your final few days I knew we were going to lose you even before the vet called with your blood work results, kidney failure.
You held on for me, I know that...I picked you up from the hospital to give you your last night at home with us and in the morning the vet came to relieve you of your suffering, I could not let you die in the hospital alone; you died in mine and Michael's arms, where you belonged.
It was one of the hardest things I've ever done.
Dad said his goodbyes in the morning, he couldn't handle it, but that doesn't mean he loved you any less than we did.
Mama, you made our family complete and words cannot express just how much you are loved and missed.
You were my baby, my best friend, companion and protector.
We are lost without you. Love, Mom, Dad and brother Mike

P.S. I will be adopting from the shar-pei resque, and even though PawPaw can never be replaced, a home is not complete without the pitter-patter of pei paws; and my home is just too quiet and empty now.
I hope all who have lost will go on to adopt another pei as there are so many unwanted ones out there.
I adopted my PawPaw and it was one of the best things that had happened to me.

Thank You Wally for creating this site, it has helped immensely

jackie2.JPG - 158287 Bytes

Jackie, my 6 year old shar-pei, died suddenly today.
I do not know how or why it happened.

He was the first dog that I ever raised on my own.
I rescued him when he was 1 year old and he has been at my side and has slept in my bed every day since.
He was the most loving, loyal, and wonderful dog anybody could ever have.
He would follow me wherever I went when I was at home, and when I left the house, he would wait beside the front door for me to come home.
I will miss you and remember you for the rest of my life, and I love you with all my heart Jackie.
You were my baby. I hope you died without pain, and are at peace.
I am sorry I was not there and could not comfort you when it happened.

Baxter.JPG - 350907 Bytes


bella.JPG - 3563817 Bytes


RIP Our babies Bella n Baxter 2004-2011
Bella (6 years, 6 months) and (Baxter 6 years) brother and sister from the same litter left us too soon.

To our Baxter, Backy Boy, Baxter von Espy, Ted, Scamp, Snoopy, Who's the mama/Rat hunter.

We miss you every day.
The shake of your head as you ignored us when we asked you to come inside insisting that you would come when your ready.
Cocking your leg on everything (outside) that was a mm above ground level even though you had nothing left.
The scamper of your paws as you hunted the family hiding playing hide and seek. eeeh eeeh eeeh will never be the same.
The way your bulbus nose would look when it "popped"
How you would lie in my arm like a baby for your good morning cuddles.
How you would kiss us on command or when you thought you were in trouble.
How you would spring up on two paws and look triumphant to catch your fuzzy ball in the air when your sister would let it bounce off her head.(oh how we giggled)
The paw that scratched for me to love you more.
The way we could see you saying you loved us when you looked into our eyes.
I'm so sorry you left us so soon and our family has never recovered the loss of you.
It was a steady decline of your health that lead us to the decision of letting you go to ease the suffering.
When mum and dad were cuddling you goodbye and crying at the vets I still remember trying to be strong for you, then your little head tilted back and those green eyes shot back at me wondering were I was and that was it. I broke.
I would go through all this heart break in a minute if I could have you back.

You were our joy, our ever loving, Baxter boy.

To our Bella, Bells, Jingle Bells, Sharky, Ballerina, Chewy, Big Bells, Snuffleupakiss.

We miss you every day.
The amazing first time when your fuzzy little puppy face looked at me and ran to my lap and flopped on top of me, the first time I thought you were beautiful my Bella.
The way you would follow your brother around like the adoring sister.
The way you would love bite and chew us to death when we arrived home telling us you loved us so and never wished to be parted.
How you would jump down of the bed to greet me as soon as my door opened.
How you would lie on your back loving the fuss almost smiling with your gums flapping open, scary and gorgeous!
The way you almost cantered like a horse or tiptoes lie a ballerina when you pranced about your walk.
The paw the scratched for me to love you more.
The way you'd still play the hide n seek game even though it was harder when your partner in crime had left us.
Your loving devotion and the way you looked at us when you told us you loved us.
I'm sorry we couldn't tell you that Baxter wasn't coming back.
I knew that your heart was broken. Ours was broken too.
It killed me when I found out from mum and dad that you had gone in the night when I was not there.
I often thought back to the last time I saw you and thought it seemed strange, it was like you were acting like you thought you were never going to see me again and it was the best welcome home I'd ever had!
When I told you I'd see you soon and I loved you I didn't know that was the last time and it eats me up inside.
I wish I had my fur babies back every day but since I can't, I am thankful that I had their love every day even for a short while.
You were both AMAZING dogs.

We will love you forever.
Your third parent Jasmine, Mum Anne and Dad Paul.

IMG_2303.JPG - 5346668 Bytes

Duncan.. 01-10-2006 to 01-03-2011

Dear Duncan,
Words cannot describe what is going through our mind and hearts right nowYou left us so suddenly, we barely had enough time to say good-bye.
I am so sorry, I know you were in a lot of pain that Monday morning...The whole Sunday evening you were in such pain, but would never show it... You were the best dog, always so understanding, so comforting, and it's just so happened that you always had mishaps with your health.
I am so sorry that life has had to put you through such terrible pain, you were so used to it that you would never show it.
I am sorry that doctors did not diagnose lymphoma in time and that instead we were treating for something completely different, I still don't know if the medications prescribed to you helped the disease spread quicker.
I am sorry for all that, I am sorry that we could not keep you with us any longer, that we could not help you...I know you loved us, so much, you would not show sign of hurt because you didn't want to make us sad and worried, you tried to play with your sister Gala even though cancer was ripping you apart.
I cannot wait for the moment when we reunite by Rainbow Bridge..Your mom Oksana is in terrible pain too, we just cannot believe that you are gone...
Please stay strong, I hope your pain is gone and you're just waiting for all of us there...
Thank you for the best 5 years of our lives, we deeply miss you

Alex Sharanevych

Pictures 2 104.JPG - 1905588 Bytes


November 18, 1999-August 21, 2010

Dear Piggy,
I loved you with all my heart.
I miss you so much that it hurts.
Your daddy misses you so much and so do your human siblings, Owen and Zoe.
Your pei brother Stanley misses you, too. He isn't the same without you. He misses cleaning your ears. You welcomed him in our home after we rescued him and showed him your acceptance immediately.
I will never forget your cute little snorts and how you guarded us with your life.
I hate the cancer that took you from me. At least we had you 10.5 years.
Thank you for comforting my dying mom, and bringing me comfort after she was gone.
Thank you for being my faithful companion during two tough pregnancies.
Thank you for saving Zoe when she was three years old from getting hit by a car.
You alerted me that she was walking to the road.
Thank you for teaching me about selfless love...
I will never forget our last night together as a family. You slept in bed with mommy and daddy and kept licking our tears as we faced your fate the next day. You trusted us until the end.
We held you tightly and whispered our love to you as you drifted to the Rainbow Bridge.
You kept your eyes focused intently on me even in death. The vet tech said you died with your eyes open so you will see me first thing when it's my turn to cross over. Until then, I will always cherish my memories of you.

You will ALWAYS have a piece of my heart, my Piggy boy. It's only reserved for you.

Much love,
Your mom, Steph

maizy.jpg - 139685 Bytes


We lost our beautiful baby girl Maizy on 06-09-09 she was the best dog, She was not with us long enough,5 years, but i guess they never are, She was my best friend, always at my side, she always needed to be touching me in some way she usually sat on my feet, i miss her snoring at night, i am finding the quite making it hard to sleep, she was my daughters "Maiz" putting up with the hats and boa's and woody from toy story stuck under her collar lol,
she would let the kids do as they pleased I couldn't have ever asked for a better dog for our kids, i am so sad over our loss, she died in her sleep beside my bed at 3 am, i know i woke up as she was passing i sat straight up and she was gone,
she had a few bad days and i was going to have her put down the next day, i am glad i didn't have to do that , and maybe some how she new, and wanted to be at home i told her that day it was ok for her to go that i would miss her, but i understand, i don't know how i will ever get over our loss, she was the best. we love you Maizy , you are forever in our hearts, our lives are forever changed because of you, I am sorry for all of your losses, you are all in my thoughts, i truly understand what you are all going through, may you find peace!
George, Pam , Nick, and Avery Dobrick

Rufus 1.JPG - 75558 Bytes

Rufus: Feb 15 2005 ­ Sept. 4, 2009

Hi Wally:

I just lost a little Shar Pei.
Here a little biography and a photo.

Rufus: Feb 15 2005 ­ Sept. 4, 2009

Rufus was a shy timid little dog when we got him at just under three months. But he quickly gained confidence and was soon the ruler of our local park here just outside Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Mundy Park is several thousand acres of trees and trails. It is off-leash every morning. All the regulars in the park knew Rufus. Total strangers still come up and ask me about him.

Rufus loved the outdoors. A hunter of renown, he caught many rabbits, a Canada goose, a mink, several moles, a couple of raccoons, and got the worst of an attempt to catch a skunk.
He was taken from us quite suddenly at four and a half. He never had a day’s sickness until his encounter with a raccoon in our back yard, where he had it cornered. We took him to the vet to get a couple of cuts stitched up, and he was found to be anaemic.
Further tests showed advanced lymphoma, with a secondary growth in the bowel.

We had to have him euthanised three weeks later, when he stopped eating and began showing signs of distress. It was a hard decision, and even now, when I hear a noise on the deck of our home, I have this feeling it is Rufus.

Rufus came with us everywhere. We were in Palm Springs last winter, and he had a wonderful time in the city’s great dog park, where he met a new Shar Pei friend, Mucho.
He loved long walks in the hills above Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, and enjoyed the crowded Thursday evening market in downtown Palm Springs, even though he had to be leashed. New smells, new dogs, new sensations.

I can still see him stretched out in the back yard in Palm Springs, 100 degrees, and he’s lying there sunbathing.
He wasn’t too happy about the long drive from Vancouver (three nights on the road), but I think we now know every rest area between here and California.

Sure, we’ll get another Shar Pei. We’re already talking to the local Shar Pei rescue people. But that in itself is a compliment to Rufus.
The new dog will not be a replacement, it will be loved, but it will also be a symbol of how much we miss Rufus.

fudge.JPG - 151389 Bytes

RIP our dear Fudge, b. 9 April 2003 d. 29 April 2008

Hi Wally,

Lovely to see your memorial page but so sad that so many Shar Pei die far too young. As owners who lost a beloved Shar Pei to familial fever at the age of 5 years and 20 days we are now looking to breed them for health and longevity!
Please find attached a photo of our darling Fudge.
He was a real mummy's boy, only came to my side of the bed, gave wonderful hugs and cuddles and was stubborn and opinionated just like his mum. A gorgeous bear coat he was soft and fluffy but looked more the staunch Shar Pei we all know when he was clipped.

We were totally heart broken when he had an inexplicably bad leg break and died of renal failure only a few short weeks later.
After a year without him we have finally realised we can't do without a Shar Pei in our lives and we're soon to buy a new girl to start our own stud.
Genetics look good so here's hoping for a long, healthy life and lots of lovely puppies.

Joce & Pete Yeoman

RIP our dear Fudge, b. 9 April 2003 d. 29 April 2008

dash.JPG - 1206923 Bytes


Our dearest companion Dash passed away on the 14/4/2009.

We only had her for a few years with her but we cherished every moment.
She was friendly, we taught her lots of tricks and she greeted us at the gate when we came home.
She enjoyed jumping into the car and coming on road trips and being patted behind the ears.
One day we noticed lumps and an infection growing under her tummy. We took her to the vets only to find out that we were loosing her to Cancer.
We bought her back home while she was still well so we could spend lots of time with her. It started to get worse after a few weeks then we had to make a decision.

It wasn’t fair to let her be in pain, but it was hard to let go. She is in a better place now and will never be forgotten.
It’s not fair to have to loose a companion that you are close too, look after well and have a lot of time for.




Bella4.JPG - 574977 Bytes

“Bella” 05/05/2002 – 30/03/2009.

To Our Beautiful Baby Girl Bella,

I still cannot believe that I have to wake up every morning and go to bed every night with out the big kisses and cuddles that we shared every day.

We found out in January 2009 that you had hyperthyroid condition, which the vet said could be treated effectively with daily medication, but the vet also said that your kidneys were not in good shape and this we could not treat other than a diet change, which we did.
Your health improved greatly with the medication and you did find a new lease on life, you even grew your hair back that they shaved when you had a biopsy done almost 2 years ago, but by February 09 another blood test showed that your thyroid levels had improved from 7 – 31 which was within the normal range, but your kidney’s had deterioted more, they told me that back in Jan 09 you were a grade 1 into kidney disease but by Feb you were now a grade 2 (there are only 4 grades).
Bella baby you were still in very good health and appeared to be pain free and you still loved your food no matter what, we still couldn’t eat our dinner in peace without your little paw been thrust and swiped on our legs pleading with us to give you more food even though you already had eaten your dinner.
On Friday 26th March you started to become fussy with your food but you still ate, by Saturday morning we had found that you had been sick in the night but you still seem to be your normal self except that you didn’t want any breakfast, then dinnertime came and you still didn’t feel like eating.
Sunday was much the same but I noticed that you were not drinking very much either, it was by late Sunday afternoon that I realized that the signs you had were not looking good.
I didn’t sleep well Sunday night Bell girl because I was so worried about you, I got up in the early hours of Monday Morning to sit with you giving you cuddles and kisses which at times was what you wanted but at other times you were too nauseated which also made you very wobbly on your legs.
It was then that I knew that I would probably have to make the hardest decision I have ever had to make and all I could do was cry, in some ways I think you also knew as you kept giving me kisses like you were telling me it’s okay.
After going to see the vet that morning she confirmed the news that I really didn’t want to hear, it was like someone had taken a knife and drove it deep into my heart and then ripped it out.
We took you home so you could spend your last hours with us all and sun baking in front of the ranch slider, which was your favorite past time.
At 3.00pm on Monday the 30th March 2009 the Vet came around home to give you that fatal injection, you were so good you even came and sat down and made no fuss at all while they flushed out your lure, it all happened so fast Bell girl and you really did look at peace, but this did not make this any easier to have lost the one thing that had enriched our lives so much as you had touched ours, we will never forget you my sweet baby girl or your little tail that would furiously wag every time you greeted me home from my long day at work and I always looked forward to seeing you too, I really do not know how I will get through this without you, the day you went you took a big part of me with you.
Be safe my girl and we will all be together again one day soon and I so look forward to that day when I can cuddle and kiss you again. You have a place in our hearts forever and I know Daddy is going to miss having his partner out in the garage which you always did when he has out there fixing cars, you would lay down on the floor and watch what he was doing and keep him company and he would talk to you while he worked away.
A day will never go by where you are not in our thoughts.

We love you sweetheart.

Love you always and forever
Mummy (Jo), Daddy (Rod), Josh, Chris and Jordan.

Till we meet again “Bella” 05/05/2002 – 30/03/2009.

boodie.jpg - 727470 Bytes


You came to me when your breeders had to rush to leave the country.
It was the best thing that ever happened to me.
I always thought your name was Justine until I found out you were 'christened' Just Jeans but we always called you Boodie.
You came into my life to care for me when times were tough.
You were there beside me whenever I needed you and you never let me down.
We have walked hundreds of miles together and there has hardly been a night we didn't sleep next to each other.
You were a beautiful show baby but much too nippy to stay in the ring.
You cut and scraped yourself on every object, you had sharpei fever, you itched and scratched, you kept the vet wondering but you still lived thirteen long, wonderful years.
Even when cancer made your life too horrible you were cheerful, bouncy and full of life.
Your dear Shar Pei friend Wilson misses you so much he can hardly eat and looks for you constantly.

We will always miss you my boodie baby girl. Thank you for all your love, hugs, grunts and paper chewing.

See you in heaven.

I came across your wonderful site while trying to find some answers to "why?" and I hope you can include "Shai" to help me deal with this.

caellumshaime.JPG - 100112 Bytes

Kwan Shai Yin - "Shai" -
April 2001 - November 15 2008

I can remember my first day meeting you... you were only 4 weeks old. Too soon to come home with us, but you were well worth the wait.
You were the smallest and most timid of the litter, but when you looked at me with those eyes, I knew we were destined to be together.
Kristy (Mommy) pointed you out and said that's the one we want.
I was a bit worried at first, because of the issues you had at birth, but you surprised us and outlived all of your brothers and sisters.
When your last sibling passed I was sure we would be together for a long time.

Being away from home for work, I was always glad that you were there to protect Mommy.
A guardian at her side, to keep her company, and to keep her safe.

I will always remember the way you greeted me upon my return.
How you slept between my legs from the time you were a puppy and how you stopped sleeping in our bed when Mommy brought home a baby boy to bless our lives.
I will remember our runs in the yard, and how you used to like to pounce and play in the living room.
I will remember how you loved riding in the car and visits to Nana and Papas house.

You left us so suddenly, I didn't get a chance to say good-bye.
These past few days have been so painful, I don't think I will soon get over it.
You were my buddy, my companion, and I will miss you deeply.
I know I will see you again someday, when I arrive at heaven's gates.
Visit me in my dreams to let me know you are well.

I miss you. I love you.

Daddy (Chris), Mommy (Kristy) and Caellum

tyson.JPG - 114076 Bytes

Tyson 10/08/07 to 04/10/08

Hello I just found your website and I think its great, please add my story.
Tyson I bought you when you were 6 weeks old and I carried you every where I went.
You were by my side 24 hours a day.
I watched you grow month by month and my how spunky you were.
You loved going on outings in the car and you loved Travers and the kids so much.

On the 04-10-08 you decided to go for a walk on your own you silly bugger, we all got up Sunday morning to find that you were not out the back.
The kids went looking for you, only to every ones horror we found you you were not moving or breathing.
Oh my god you had been hit by a car.

I spoke to the man who lived across the road and he said he heard the car coming and then heard you yelp so he ran out and held you in his arms.
You took 3 breaths and you were gone Tyson I have cried and cried.

I feel so empty with out you.
I miss your snoring and your funny noises you made.

Oh well my Tyson till we meet again, just remember I love you with all my heart and you will never be forgotten,
love Belinda(mum) Travers, Jayde, Racheal and Brooke.

rip....10-08-07 to 04-10-08

Soomo1.jpg - 80555 Bytes

Soomo 23/01/2005 - 29/07/2008

Soomo was born in our living room and raised with love until we find the perfect family for him.
He found a loving home with Sharon and Guy and lived a very happy life with them.
They loved him so much!
Sharon told me thousands of times how wonderful and unique her black boy was.
But Soomo's health declined fast and he left for a place where he will not be in pain anymore...
He has been covered with kisses until the last minute and he closed his eyes peacefully.
He will be deeply missed by Sharon, Guy and Sakei, his little pei sister.
Thank you Sharon for your devotion and for the great care you took of your baby.

Mel & Luc for Sharon & Guy

DSCF1253.JPG - 936685 Bytes

Doherty, Rob and Vicki

Kadesha.jpg - 27910 Bytes
KADESHA a.k.a. "Doodles" 2001 - 2010

Kadesha, you came into my life nine years ago, you and Clyde were the beginning of my love of Shar-Pei,You gave me undying love, never caused me a minute of grief, I didn't want to let you go, I fought so hard to get you you stay,and every time I thought you were looking better, one little thing would change, and we went backwards, but each time, you fought, and I had you a little longer, but last Thursday, when you wouldn't eat all day and your eyes looked so very sad and empty, as we sat together, and you licked me on the nose, I knew , I had to do the right thing by you as much as it broke my heart, I am glad now that you are not suffering any more.
Thank you Dood, for being my mate all these years, and getting me through the rough times, all you kids keep me going, so now it was my turn to re pay that dedication and let you rest, sleep well my baby, go play with Barbie, and Mango Doherty and our kids Addie and Jian, give them my butterfly kisses, Your mate Clyde wanders aimlessly around the yard looking for you and cries all night .

Till we meet again baby , all my love mumma and all the kids xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mango.jpg - 927460 Bytes


(5th April, 2000 to 7th February 2008)

No words can explain how I felt the day I had to give the vet consent tohave you put down – I will hunt this animal down that did that to youmy precious – gorgeous girl Mango.
You have left this huge hole inmy heart and I thank you for coming into our lives.
I know youonly lived with us for four years but I can say that they were the bestyears of my life – I know I have others but for some reason wehad a special bond and I cant stop thinking about you every day.

R.I.P my darling and wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Victoria Doherty

dakota.jpg - 1050772 Bytes

Dakota 3/17/03 ~ 9/25/07

Dakota, I remember the nite of picking you up at the airport with mum.
You were cold and scared, when I reached outfor you from the crate, you smothered me with kisses.
You were beautiful and brown and such a good lil' girl.
At the age of 4 1/2 on August 10th, 2007 you were mis-diagnosed and sick, you held in there for another 45 days,you were a strong girl, but the bacterial infection / pneumonia got the best of your lil' lungs and you couldn't breathe very well.

On that day of Sept 25, 2007 at 5:45 pmat the Dover Vet hospital the worse had to be done, I couldnot be selfish, I had to let you go to be peaceful, as I kissed you goodbye and told you how much I love you.

I am picking up your ashes today,and putting them in a special wooden box all made out for you my "Coty".

I miss your morning kisses, your playfulness, your character, your lil' barks, and your ooooh too much jumpinglike a linebacker.
I miss your unconditional love, and you had such a short life and I thank YOU for letting me be the one to care for you & I just miss you Dakota, you will never be replaced and never forgotten.

Can't wait to see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

***I love you forever Dakota**** mommy / cheryl

curry.jpg - 518354 Bytes

Curry (DOB ? - 09/19/07 approximately 8 months old - 1 year old).

I want to thank you for having this memorial page. It is so hard dealing with all of the emotions after our beloved peis pass. Here is our story about Curry
I found Curry on the internet at a local pound just a couple of months ago. He had been shaved and dumped.
When I called the pound, they were thankful that we called; they had not had any other phone calls from anyone.
We went the following weekend to see him. When I first saw him, I stated 'I want him!'.
He was hairless and was only about 35 lbs; they thought he was about a year old but we could tell he was still a puppy.
We immediately took him home.
It only took a couple of days for him to settle in and then the next four weeks were mosty wonderful except for some eating issues.

On 09/11/07 he started not feeling well so we took him back to our vet for a second check up.
After seeing 3 vets (one was an internal medicine specialist), it was concluded that he had megaesophagus and a couple of other conditions.

He would not get better--only worse.
He got sick at the vet and for the past 2 days was sick and going down hill.
We made the decision to put him down.

Even though I have went through putting a beloved pei down a few years ago, this pain hurts just as bad.
I want Curry to know that even though we only had him 6 weeks, we loved him sooooooooooooo much.
I will continue to miss everything about him.
Right now my life has a huge empty space. This is his home forever.


Love- Mommie, Cerena, Lauren, Jess, Jenn, Sasha & Chooie.

Thank you so much for posting this message.
Being able to let the world know how much Curry positively impacted our lives is priceless.

Jessica (Fenton, Missouri)

piggy.jpg - 186609 Bytes>


My wonderful, sweet Austin (a.k.a Piggy) passed away yesterday of heartfailure suddenly.
I am devastated and don't know how I will live withouthim.

He was 11 1/2 years old and has been blind for years, but no worse for wear.
I cry as I am writing this - I miss his snoring, clicking toe nails on thetile floor, him knocking his food bowl off of it's stand while he iseating - every single time he eats, his smell, wiping his nose and eyes inthe morning, and his purple tongue kisses.

He was the best, most handsomeblack beast in the world.
Life will never be the same without him.
I justwant to say "I love you with all my heart my piggy - I miss you so much andwill think about you everyday for the rest of my life.
Please know I amalways hugging you in my heart my pup-i! Mamma loves it.

XOXO Love YourMamma

dazzle.jpg - 113512 Bytes

COUGAR (Dazzle)

How do I tell my Cougar , that today’s his last day

The vet will be arriving soon to “ put him down “ to lay
The rose petals are ready and the logs are stacked up high
He must of seen me planning this – for the day he dies
The mast cell tumor has just burst and leaving a bloody mess

But how I do I tell my Cougar it’s not over - the cancer has spread throughout his chest
What started as a pimple it took 3 months to get as big as my head
And never did I think , I would pay someone to make him ….. dead

What do I say to my Cougar , as that fatal injection is going inI cry and cry and I wish the vet misses and gets it in my skin
5 years + 6 days – you have been in my life

It’s all over within seconds and that image will always cut like a knife
The hardest thing is letting go and that will be my greatest regret
I’m sorry Cougar if I gave up on you – you are my buddy , my heart , my soul , my pet

I will now breed shar-pei ‘s in honor of my Cougar ‘s pain
But I would give them all up in a heartbeat just to have you back again


SissyLing .jpg - 88098 Bytes

Sissy Ling Ling

Age: 1yr, 3months.
RIP: 1-5-06 to 4-12-07
Passed away from Parvo Disease


Me, Daddy, and the whole family love you so much, and are extremely sad that you are gone, and are not with us any longer.
We will miss your beautiful kisses and ongoing hugs that you would give everyone and anyone.
You were very lovable and warm and we thank you for coming into our lives and leaving amazing memories for all of us to share.
I will miss how you would always wake me up even before the alarm would ring, and how you would give Daddy beautiful kisses every morning to start off our days.
We gave you everything we could: food, toys, love, hugs, kisses, attention, and a very special place in our hearts.
For now my beautiful Sissy Ling Ling Girl will be running and playing with "Chi" and all the other amazing Shar-peis that are truly loved and missed.......

Please wait for Me (mommy melissa) and Daddy (jeca)!!!!

One day we will be reunited and that would be the most happiest day that i can ever imagine.
Sissy, We love you and miss you dearly.
We will never forget you and your lovable ways, and I know that you will always be here with us.

Please take care of Sally, Jr., and April....
Mommy Melissa, Daddy Jeca, Grandma Gracie, Tia Monica, Tio Chito, the whole Family, Maggie, and Buddy

We Love My Sissy Ling Ling Girl....................


We lost our precious baby boy Albert on December 13, 2006 to a horrible cancer.

We didn't even know he was sick until a week before he passed.
The disease took him so suddenly.
We had to have him put to sleep because of a medical emergency and I held him in my arms the whole time.
I couldn't imagine it any other way.
Albert was such a sweet loving boy. His little face would just light up the room.
He has three sisters here with us and he was such a little gentlman to them. They love and miss him very much.
His seven years with us will always be cherished and never forgotten. His spirit will always be with us.

We will be with him again someday in heaven, and that makes the pain a little easier to bare.

We love you "bubby" and you will never be forgotten. Love your Mommy, Daddy, Tabby, Gracie and Annie



Hi there
I lost my shar pei to cancer.
There is not a day goes by that I dont miss her very much.

Leahy was born in 1997 and passway 2006

I know she is in gods hands and leah, we will meet again some day,

from Donnie and Charlene



Our Darling left us recently.

We were fortunate enough to have the driver that accidently hit her - come and tell us.
Lexus, is personified in our hearts as a true 'Lady'.

Thoughtful, Kind, Patient, and Reserved - yet, with a 'Charm' that is Contagious.
She will be almightily 'missed' without a doubt - she spent her 3 years in her life with us - I cannot 'Thank Lexus' anymore for this.

Thank-you Lexus for all that you had shared with us in your time on earth darling!
We/I miss you darling bubub.

Aroha-tino-nui darling Amorangi and Shaz (Mum and Mama)



This is Cocoa and we just lost her on the 28th of February, 2006.
I would appreciate if you could add Cocoa to your website with the following message.

Cocoa, Your momma misses you so much baby.Your 13 years with me went by so quickly.
You were always with me day and night.
You were blind for the last five years of your life but yet you were always trying to make those happy around you.
I miss you waking me up in the middle of the night smelling, to make sure I am still by your side.
I miss you coming to sit on my feet in the morning when I get ready for work.
I miss your coming just to sit by my side to just be next to me.
I miss the way you would root your face down into the blankets to play.
You have left with my heart.
I do not know how to go on without you.
You were my life from sunup to sundown.
I am just simply existing without you in my life.
You have so many other people here still on earth that love you sweet girl.
I will meet you soon and we will once again be whole together.
You are in my prayers everyday and I will see you soon.
Love your Mom and best friend.



Dear Wally,

Thank you for providing this place for us to remember our beloved sharpei Mugmug who passed away in Jan 2006 at age 12.

He came to us when he was just 2 months old and had brought us so much laughter and warmth.
His pack leader and mommy loved him dearly and are still missing him.
We know that he is no longer in pain now and is running free in heaven.

Mugmug, be a good boy until we meet again.

Thanks again.



Hi there,

I was just reading you heaven page and i wondered if you could add my boy marley?
I have cried over your site as many are identical to my boy, and i miss him like crazy.
He was a faithful first dog, very loyal and a brilliant protector, my best friend till his last breath on earth.
He died of a freak twisted intestine and passed in my arms 27/7/04.
He gave me the happyest days of his life and i will always treasure my memories of my mate.
Marley mummy loves you and will be looking for you to be there when my time here is finished, love ya boy

Thankyou very much, this is a wonderful site.
Debbie Norris


My tribute to Taz will be short and sweet......much like he was.

We was 'ours' from Thanksgiving weekend of 2000, until a fateful day in early September of 2003.

Taz.....You were the glue the held us together.
No woof can ever take your place. Ever. Ever. Ever.
We miss you every second of every day.
Mom, Dad, Cody and your brother, Shaughnessy

I would really love if you could add a picture of my Charlie Chan to your website.

Charlie Chan lived for only 5 years.
We were fortunate enough to inherit him from my (Lori's) grandfather after he passed away, when Charlie was only 1 1/2 years old.
From the minute we took him home, we were in love!!

He lived from January 2000 - April 2005 and he was our everything!!!

Unforuntately, like many other Shar-Pei, Charlie suffered from the genetic disease, Amyloidosis for the last 4 months of his life.
He fought as hard as he could and received all the treatments that he could handle.
He really had no idea he was ill until the last few weeks.
We miss him dearly and think about him every day!!

We love you Charlie Chan.

Lori and Bob Miggins

DELILAH NOV. 4 1995-APRIL 12, 2005

Delilah (also known affectionately as Lupita Maria,Poopsie, Slappy D, Chili Amar and Isabella Rosellini),was born in Nov. 1994 and adopted by Mei-Ling in 1995and the next year helped unite her mother withdog-sitter who would become her father, her belovedMonte.
She was a dog of the world, living in Michigan,in St. Louis, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and,finally, Buenos Aires.
She will be remembered for herlove of squirrels and McDonalds french fries and herunique mannerisms (including the demurely crossedfront paws, the jowl-shake, her ability to do360-degree jump-twists, the blissful half-moon postureshe adopted when her family came home and her earnibbles).
She was a faithful running companion, a warmpresence at the foot of the bed and an indispensablepart of the family.
‘Lilah charmed everyone she met(except mail carriers) with her soft face and calmdemeanor.
The house now seems quiet without herclacking toenails and her snuffling snore at night,but her spirit lives on in our hearts.
She was 10.5years old.


Hello, Iam Lost without my best mate Roland and would love it if he could be put him on your web site.
My Wife bought me a Shar Pei for Valentines Day 2004 and what a great present he was, filling our life with so much joy and happiness I never knew how loving a Shar pei could be, he was my little shadow following my every move and going everywhere I went.

Sadly Roland passed away when he went to get de sexed and had an stress reaction to the anaesthetic and had a heart failure.
We loved you so much Roland from the first day we saw you, and I know you loved us.

RIP ROLAND 1-1-04 14-12-04

A Shar-Pei

I will lend to you for a while, a Chinese Shar-Pei pup, God said,
For you to love him while he lives and mourn him when he's dead.
Maybe for twelve or fourteen years, or only two or three.
But will you, till I call him back, take care of him for me?
He'll bring his charms to gladden you and (should his stay be brief)
You'll always have his memories as solace for your grief.
I cannot promise he will stay, since all from earth return
But there are lessons taught below I want this pup to learn.
I've looked the whole world over in search of teachers true
And from the folk that crowd life's land, I have chosen you.
Now will you give him all your love nor think the labor vain.
Nor hate me when I come to take my Shar-Pei back again?
I fancied that I heard them say, "Dear Lord Thy Will be done."
For all the joys this pup will bring the risk of grief we'll run.
We'll shelter him with tenderness, we'll love him while we may
And for the happiness we've known forever grateful stay.
But should you come to call him back much sooner than we've planned
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes and try and understand.
If, by our love, we've managed your wishes to achieve
In memory of him we loved, to help us whilst we grieve,
When our faithful bundle departs this world of strife,
We'll have yet another pup and love him all his life.


Rosie 2/99 to 11/04

I went to look at a boy pei puppy and as I was sitting the on the floor playing with your brother;
We heard a crash and a noise sounded like a train wreck coming from the back room in a flash there you where a bundle of wrinkles with a strange thing on your head (E-COLLAR).
When I asked about you the lady said this one is not for sale she told us you had a broken leg and the people who had bought you didn’t have the money to get it fixed so they gave you back.

The lady said she was going to keep you. I couldn’t get over your wiggley little butt and your little brown eyes.
We left that night empty handed to think things over.
When we called the lady the next day to get your brother she said he had been sold.
I asked her if she was sure she would not think about selling you to me she paused and said ok if you pay the vet bills.
I went and got you that day you were all I ever wanted, you were my angel.

2 months later my Mom passed away I was lost in a world of sadness and you sat by me making sure I was not alone.
Its was because of you I found the strength to get out of bed and face the world and the courage to reach for my dream job and become a vet tech.

When you turned 3 we found out that the little sick spells you had been having your whole life was called FSF could rob you of your life.
I went home and looked up everything I could on this FSF.
Your kidneys failed when you turned 5 the Docter said you wouldn’t have long, we went home and cryed not wanting to lose you so soon.
You stuck with us for another year my brave little angel.

You died one month after your 6th birthday the look you gave me that day said I'm done here I have to go please help me.
I told you I loved you, patted your head and said thank you for loving me and helping me though hard times and always making me smile.
I held you as you left this world. I'm lost without you, my beloved Rosie



Hi Wally:
Please consider putting my beloved lost dog, Boobeline, on your page.

She died last Monday, and I"m heartbroken. I'm attaching a picture.

If you can, please include the following:


I'll never forget when I first laid eyes on you.
This confused, little apricot mass of sweetness with those angelic eyes.
Thank you for That sweet little face that always looked to me for protection.
Thank you for being so shy, but when no one else was around, you were a NUT!
Thank you for being Always a little different; Afraid of new people, but once you loved, you LOVED.
You seemed to love me more than anyone ever did. Thank you for letting me know what, that love is like, at least once in my life.
Thank you for standing right in front of the TV because you wanted the attention!
Thank you for making a stop in everyones' room while they were sleeping, always checking up on each of us.
Macaroni and tomato sauce was your favorite, and boy did you love animal crackers!
Honestly, I never realized that you wouldn't always be by my side.
So all of a sudden, such an awful shock. We didn't know how bad it was until your last three days.
I'm still stung, I can't believe you're not here. I just can't believe it.
And baby, you hung in there until you just wanted to rest.
Heaven is a little brighter with you in it, my little angel.


Ron was our little sunshine.

   We already had three baby pei's when we decided to go for rescue.
  Ron's mom wasn't able to take care of him anymore and we instantly fell in love with him. 
  So funny, so simple, so grateful... 
  He was always looking at us with love. 
His special eyes were like saying "I'm so happy to be here!  Thank you!". 
  And this morning a tragic accident took him...

 We are devastated Ron and we miss you so much!
We are still waiting for you to wake up.
You will stay with us forever, we were your family.
We are so sorry that you won't have a longer happy life with us our love!
Thank you for all the beautiful moments you gave us!

 Luc, Mel, Lili, Tibu, Theo and Gus...  your sharpei family!


September 7th, 1994 ­ January 12th, 2003


I loved you from the moment that I laid eyes on you.
As I drove home with you in my arms on October 19th1994, I dreaded the day that I would loose you.
Foralmost eight and a half years you brightened yourfamilies lives.
You were a sweet independent girl.
You were my protector, comforter, and companion.
Ourlives revolved around you.
There was never a day thatyou were not worried or cared about.
There will neverbe a day that you are forgotten.
Your silly antics,beautiful face, and playful nature are deeplyingrained in our memories.
It was not’t until 3 daysbefore your departure that we knew you were sick.
Yourkidneys had failed.
Never did I dream your death wasso close.
Watching you for those last 48 hours wastrue torture.
I wanted your pain to end, but I knewmine had just begun.
I didn’t leave your side untilyour life had long passed.
There was no choice, but tohold you. Your dad couldn’t be there.
He said goodbyeto you. You were every thing to him. He could notbear to see you go.
Your ashes will remain with usalways.
I dream of you some place beautiful chasingsquirrels and napping.
I know you’ll be waiting forus. I love you!


you left so suddenly this 4 of July , I was at the pool when you passed, I couldn't and wouldn't beleave you were gone.
you passed in my sons arms he too loved you very much and he tried in vain to bring you back, but the sun was to hot and the walk to long .
I'm sad because I wasn't there to help you.
It rips at my heart, you were there so many times for me.
Please forgive me, I love you very much and I know I will see you again.
The 8 years we spent went by so fast.
Know its only me and your dad, your dad misses you very much, he looks for you all the time.
In time we will all be a family again take care my friend till we meet again.


6-27-97 - 9-16-03
Beloved shar-pei and best friend.
You were so brave throughout yourillness and you will be missed.
I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge myangel.



HE BLESSED US FROM 8/27/95-11/17/03


I was out pet shopping and saw"Wrinkles" and had to buy him just for his unique look,and he was so lovable and had a great personality.
He lived over 11 years of his life with me, I miss himdearly, he was diagnosed in Nov '01 with Hermangiosarco,which is a cancer, that was attached to his abdomen andwas malignant.
I truely miss my "baby", and for Wrinkles,now I own 2!!! more shar-peis...I absolutely love the breed.

"Wrinkles" enjoy your playtime at the RAINBOW BRIDGE,and I hopefully will see you again.
Love Cheryl in Massachusetts


April 20, 1996 - April 28, 2002
Just a few days after celebrating your birthday with me, you left me in pain and sorrow. You were my best friend, my most loyal companion and my protector. Not a single day will pass without me remembering you, wishing that you were here with me. Thanks for the 6 short but beautiful years that you have spent with me. You will forever live in my heart..

SWEETIE-JAN.1989-FEB. 2001

You were the light of our lives.We were blessed with 12 wonderful years and not a day goes by that we don't think of you and wish you were here beside us.
Your snorts and sighs never failed to make us smile and laugh. You were everyone's sweetheart.You greeted all with a long sniff and then a long wag of your piggy tail.
Memories of your are etched deep within our hearts. We miss you so much but know that you are pain free.
Until we can be together again, all our love, our little Beluzzi. Mommy, Aunk, & Pup-pup.

Chad's China Bear (1992-1996) LzPhubia Lady in Waiting (1994-1996)

Frankie in Shar-Pei Heaven.

We lost him on Friday evening (April 1997) due to an ongoing bowl problem.
He was our first Shar-Pei, He was found wandering the streets of London some seven years ago and ended up in the famous Battersea Dogs home.
We had him as a rescue dog and thanks to him being such a wonderful dog our lives now revolve round showing and breeding Shar-Pei.
Best Wishes Mick & Cathy Cooper * Confucian Shar-Pei *

Nellie, passed away on 7/7/97
Beloved Shar-Pei of Jim & Jamie Clark; J & J Ranch, Scipio, IN Sarge.
Passed away before her time.
Pei mate to Noah, Pythagoras, Meshach & Delilah. Sadly missed by all.
K'ai Forst 10/20/88- 3/13/98 He lived a fun and full life, he asked for so little and gave so much love. Sadly missed by Bob, Marci, Nikki
SammyThis is Sam. He left for the rainbow bridge after a short 4 year staywith us.
It is said that the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.
Well Sam was a very bright light in our life, and always could make us smile.
He will long be missed by all of us that knew him. Have fun Sam and we will see you on the other side.
Mike & Terry Sweeney
A tribute to my Shar-pei 'Sweet Pea". Born 7/94 and died 3/16/98.
In memory of 'Sweet Pea' who lost her fight with lymphoscaroma.We took her tothe vet the week before she died.She was operated on for pyrometria,aninfection of the uterus.Upon opening her up it was discoverd that she had 2tumors which were later determined to be lymphoscarcoma.Within six days shehad to be put down.
I still cry over you and have not accepted you are gone.I know that yoursuffering is over but I cannot erase the last memory I have of you looking upat me with your sad little eyes as the tears streamed down my face wonderingwhat all the fuss was about.i knew this was it and you were so trusting as Iput you on the table for the last time and walked out of the room.I wished Ihad stayed with you but I couldn't bear it.I regret now what I did and hopeyou felt no pain.Just know that you were loved and are not in a strangeplace.I did bring home your ashes and you sit in a special place in our homeas well as our hearts,my little 'wee wee'.........! Nimnut

Gizmo Dolly van Wong (1993-1998). She had to be put to sleep when she was 3 weeks pregnant. She suffered from a back hernia, and got parallised.
Muffin (?-Nov. 10th 1998) We adopted her from Operation ScarletChinese Rescue, in March 94.
Muffin was the sweetest, easy going, lovable, kind dog. We will missher terribly!!
We were told her age was approx. 10 years old. We couldn't bare to seeyou go through the pain.(cancer of the liver)
Muffin, we'll miss you, and someday "girlie" we'll meet again!!!!
We love you!
Love Kelly, John, Jim ,John Jr. & Chloe` (mini Shar-pei)
Honey Bear


B.J. Guy

This is my 1st. Pei, father to many, protector of all he loved, loyal to thecore and My Very Best Friend!
My B.J. Guy was sent to me straight from Heavenwhen I needed him the most. I thank God every day for the brief time I hadw/him and cherish every memory. I Miss you B.J. Guy and you are foreverimbedded in my heart and my soul.
I know you watch out for me, Jeff, Hannah,Nonny & Stevie daily and protect us from harm.
You still come to me in mydreams and gently lick my face reassuring me that your not to far away!
Iknow I will see you the day I cross Rainbow Bridge and hold you in my armsonce again!!!
I Love You My B.J. Guy

This is China Angel born January 24, 1999-April 11, 1999
This beautiful puppy was only hear for a short time. But in that time she has been loved by many people.
Her first mommy was Stephanie Taylor, who brought her to Carleen Gough at Pooh Bear Kennels to be placed with a loving family.
She was then owned and loved by Rick and Phyllis Rae who unfortunately only had her for 24 hours.
A very tragic accident then has taken her to the Rainbow Bridge.
She will never be forgotten as she has left a permanent mark on so many lives.
All of us will miss you little China and soon we will all be their to greet you at the Bridge.
We love you
Carleen, Eddie,Stephanie,Rick,and Phyllis


My little friend was born 12-8-94 and had to leave us on April 23,1999, a day of utter sorrow.
I had the fortunate pleasure of adopting Justice when she was 2 1/2 yrs..
She needed a home and I definitely needed and friend. I had never seen an adult shar-pei before that moment, "OOH MY" I fell in love right then and there.
I wish I had time to tell you about us getting to know one another, but those of you with shar-pei's can only imagine what it must have been like with this wonderfully strange and beautiful breed.
Only a few months after receiving my little friend she began her suffering. I did not understand at first the terrible nature of what she was about to go throw. To sum it up, she was beaten by, I now know well, Shar-pei fever and Swollon Hocks Syndrome.
So my little friend, please forgive me for what I did, but you need not suffer anymore. You will be deeply missed by me and all your friends here on earth.
So go to the Bridge my little friend, my Dad will be there waiting for you and I will see you again someday.

Your Friends

Brenda, Lori and playmate LuLu


Hi Wally
I hope you will put Mung on your page so she will not be forgotten.She deserved a family of her own and a happy life.
Mung was not my dog. She never got the chance to be anyones dog.
Mung was taken away from a "breeder" in NH along with 108 other shar-pei.
She spent the next four months at the Animal rescue league in Bedford NH.
Mung was only 2 years old and was a wonderful happy girl. She never even knewshe was blind. Things were looking up for her and she was much loved by theshelter staff. One day they noticed that she started loosing weight and itgot worsefrom there. Mung was euthanised so she wouldn't be in pain anymore. The vetsaidit was kidney failure. The shelter staff will miss her and so will I. :-(
Maggie Hays
volunteer Shar-pei rescue



We had 6 and a half wonderful years together, you and me.
Not only were you my companion, you were my strength.
You helped me through some really rough life situations and were there to share the good too. you never judged, you always loved.
You were my best friend.
Not a day will ever go by that you won't be in my thoughts.
On September 14, 1992, a beautiful baby girl was born.
On December 27, 1999, there was a total eclipse in the sky.
I lost my Sunshine.
Sunny, I love you always and forever!

Sunny above and now Inky below were "adopted" sisters!


Born December 25, 1993-died February 2, 2004

For ten years you were a constant in my life, my only true stability.
I planned my days and activities around your needs.
Whatever you wanted or needed, if I had the ability to give it to you, it was yours.
I’ve never felt a love so strong as the love I felt for you.
Now that you’re gone, our bed has become big and cold.
The house is no longer a home.
My heart is no longer whole.
And my days seem long and unfulfilled.
I just miss you so much that words cannot express how much I hurt.
I long to see you wiggle your butt at me just one more time.
Or see you pile the blankets in the middle of the bed and lay there, content.
I wish I could give you one more ear rub or have you back yourself up to me for a butt rub.
I just wish I could give you one more kiss and tell you how much I love you.
I can’t wait for the day that I will arrive at Rainbow Bridge and join you and Sunny.
Then, these feelings of loneliness will finally be gone.
I love you and will think about you every day for the rest of my life.
You’re finally at peace, Inky, no more pain.
I love you... Cindy


Kempker's Proud Sam-Sung 10-18-92 ~~ 07-18-00

Sam-Sung was 7 weeks old when my husband and I brought him home. He weighed about 7lbs.
He was a very independent and really didn't want much to do with his new mom and dad.
As he grew older, he became quite a mamma's boy. He would follow me wherever I would go.
When I would finally sit down, he would have to be laying next to me or be in my lap.
I always knew the day would come that I would have to say good bye, but that day came too soon.
Sam-Sung was my best friend, my best buddy, my little sweet pea. He was Sam-Sung the Wrinkly Butt Dog.
I know that he is in heaven now with the rest of God's sweet creatures that have gone before us.
Sam-Sung you were loved more than you will ever know. You brought more joy and love to my heart than any friend I have ever had. You will always be my first wrinkly dog love.
Phyllis Kempker
Columbia, MO

No photo but a wonderful Loving email

Dear Wally....I happened on to your page a few minutes ago, and tears are streaming down my 53-year-old face...every tribute on your page was so familiar I could have written them myself...I lost my beautiful Pekoe
(Peker James) in October, 1997, and I still miss her as if it wereyesterday....her litter mate is snoring on the ottoman as I writethis...she is nearly blind and deaf, but still with me for a littlewhile longer...but nothing will ever be the same in my life since Peker.....she was a true soul mate...I have loved animals, especially dogs since I was a baby....I couldn't name them all, but never before was there such a soul .... she was the brightest, funniest, most beautiful spirit I will ever know....when you look into the night sky, notice the star that twinkles and catches your eye first....That's Peker....Thanks for your website....I will return...Toni James, Columbia, MO USA

R.I.P Lily Lei Lei 1998-2000

Lily was sweet from the first day we got her.
She never disobeyed even though her sidekick was a rascle. Lily always was protective about her home and watching for anything that might harm her family.
She always put protecting her family in front of her own life.
She was playful and smart. Sometimes you could catch her smelling the flowers and rollling in the grass.
Lily died from a unexpected sickness but she will be remembered always.
Thanks for the good times Lily. You cannot be forgotten.
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ ¸.·´ ¸.·´¸.·*`·-»Angela

Good Bye to my dear children, the most beautiful companions a personcould ever enjoy. We will miss them and hope to see them again at theRainbow Bridge.

We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached.Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understandingthe necessary plan....
Taken from "The Once Again Prince"
by Irving Townsend

Subject: Heaven

An old man and his dog were walking down this dirt road with fences on both sides, they came to a gate in the fence and looked in, it was nice grassy, woody areas, just what a 'huntin' dog and man would like, but, it had asign saying 'no trespassing' so they walked on.

They came to a beautiful gate with a person in white robes standing there.
"Welcome to Heaven" he said.
The old man was happy and started in with his dog following him.
The gatekeeper stopped him.
"Dogs aren't allowed, I'm sorry but he can't come with you."
"What kind of Heaven won't allow dogs? If He can't come in, then I will stay out with him.
He's been my faithful companion all his life, I can't desert him now.
"Suit yourself, but I have to warn you, the Devil'son this road and he'll try to sweet talk you into his area, he'll promise you anything, but, the dog can't go there either.
If you won't leave the dog, you'll spend Eternity on this road.

" So the old man and dog wenton.
They came to a rundown fence with a gap in it, no gate, just a hole.
Another old man was inside.
"Scuse me Sir, my dog and I are getting mighty tired, mind if we come in and sit in the shade for awhile?"
"Of course, there's some cold water under that tree over there. Make yourselves comfortable"
"You're sure my dog can come in? The man down the road said dogs weren't allowed anywhere."
"Would you come in if you had to leave the dog?"
"No sir, that's why I didn't go to Heaven, he said the dog couldn't come in.
We'll be spending Eternity on this road, and a glass of cold water and some shade would be mighty fine right about now. But, I won't come in if my buddy here can't come too, and that's final."
The man smiled a big smile and said "Welcome to Heaven."
"You mean this is Heaven? Dogs ARE allowed? How come that fellow down the road said they weren't?"
"That was the Devil and he gets all the people who are willing to give up a life long companion for a comfortable place to stay.
They soon find out their mistake, but, then it's too late.
The dogs come here, the ficklepeople stay there. GOD wouldn't allow dogs to be banned from Heaven.
After all, HE created them to be man's companions in life, why would he separate them in death?"-------------------------------

If you have loved and lost a Shar-pei and would like your beloved Pei to join Chi send a Photo and any details that you would like to have included.Details to Wally Richards,
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