Supplied by Wally Richards and other Members of the Shar Pei Club of New Zealand.

Every now and then a Shar Pei needs to be relocated for various reasons, this maybe because an owner is re-locating and cannot accommodate their Shar Pei in the new location.

Sometimes it is the result of intervention by authorities such as the SPCA or animal control officers taking an ill cared for Shar Pei from people that should never had owned one in the first place.

These Shar Pei maybe in great to poor condition and they desperately need a new loving home to spend out the rest of their days.
You may like to take one of these wonderful dogs into your home and enjoy the love and affection that only a Shar Pei can give.
If so you can email your details to us; (see bottom of this page) and if a suitable Shar Pei comes available in your area we will contact you with the details.

Before you rush in with your details I want you to read carefully the following and be sure that you can provide the right sort of environment for a Shar Pei.

If you canít, donít waste our time and money.

Firstly Shar Pei are not dogs, they maybe members of the K9 species but they are more like people than some people I have come across during my life.

A Shar Pei lives indoors with you and other members of the family and pets.

They DO NOT live outdoors in a box called a kennel with a chain around their neck.
They are a member of the family not a prisoner!

They take you as being a member of their select pack and you are privileged to be included in this ancient linage.
You need to be the Alpha person of the pack, so that the Shar Pei will obey your wishes and gain the security of having an Alpha Pack Leader.

The secret is to be very loving and a companion to your Shar Pei but also to be firm so that the Shar Pei understands their place in the pack.

I believe for a rescue Shar Pei, that is likely to be mature rather than a puppy the best home is one where there is only one or more responsible adult(s).

Puppies are ideal for families with children as both the puppy and the children can grow up together.

Children that have teased or mistreated a Shar Pei create a Shar Pei that is very wary of children and as a result, if cornered, it may nip (or worse) a child in self defence.

When rescuing a Shar Pei we may not know its history so we always have an X factor.

But in saying so, their nature is wonderful when given the love and care that they deserve, and having this environment, you could not ask for a better companion.

Not only will your Shar Pei live indoors with you but should be allowed to sleep in the bedroom with their Alpha person.
You may not want the Shar Pei to sleep on your bed but a suitable bed should be provided on the floor, on your side of the bed (best) or at the end of the bed (second best)
Remember that packs always sleep together. It is the outcasts that do not, because they are not allowed to be pack members anymore.
Outcasts suffer stress and a Shar Pei locked away at night in a laundry so somewhere else, will fret and in some cases I have come across, demolished doors to be back with their pack members.
You may think that this is a destructive pet but it is the fault of the unthinking owner.

Rescue Shar Pei needs more security and trust than anything else because itís previous world has been shattered or it has been mistreated by idiot owners or their children.

I assisted in one rescue some years back of a beautiful chocolate Shar Pei girl that had been badly mistreated by the adults and children of the family.

She had broken teeth from being hit with a crow bar, cigarette burns on her body and a scar around her neck from being continually chained.
Unnourished and very sad eyes.

The new owner, who had lost a Shar Pei recently, supplied the love and money for the vet bills to bring her back to good health.
Within a couple of months this wonderful girl was looking great and a great friend of the new owner.
All went well until one day a young child came selling biscuits at the door.
The child was invited in by the owner and told not to go near the Shar Pei who was lying on the floor, while the owner went to get her purse.
The child took no notice and as soon as the owner left the room the child made a bee line for the Shar Pei.

What happened then was the Shar Pei thought she was being attacked by the child from past experience and nipped the child as a warning.

Of course or hell broke loose with a crying child and then the childís parents (who lived next door) demanded the Shar Pei be put down as a vicious dog.

Happily the situation was cooled down and the Shar Pei moved to a more suitable home where no children were living to be a great companion to its new adult owners.

Having any pet that is dependant on you for their well being is a great reasonability and one you cannot take lightly.

I am with my Shar Pei 24/7, they live inside and have complete freedom of the home, they wander outside for their toilets or to sun bathe as they like.
They are able to get outside to investigate any strange noises they hear and they have a very well fenced property with closed gates.
Once or twice a day they are taken for a walk in a nearby field (I am lucky in this respect)

I have a van that is decked out in the back for them so they can be with me whenever I go out.
A special deck is supplied with cheap carpet, an air vent in the roof along with a fan and a built in container of water for the summer time.
Even so the van is only parked in a shady area for short stops on a sunny day.
Windows are kept shut or only partly open to prevent any incidents happening from any passer-by.

You can get some idiot people or children that think because there is a cute Rolly Dog from the toilet paper adverts in a vehicle, that they can go up and shove their hand in the dogís face.

The vehicle is an extension of the dogís territory, the Alpha owner is away and the dogís natural reaction is to protect their space and themselves.

If you or other members of the family can be with your Shar Pei 24/7 the Shar Pei will be much more content.
This is not to say that you cannot have a routine where you leave the Shar Pei at home for periods and it will still be happy.
If you have another dog or Shar Pei as well, the pair will keep each other company and are better than one left home and alone.

Also if I have to go away for a few days with my wife we always get a person in to house sit and look after the Shar Pei.

Even if the person is not well known to the Shar Pei they are at least in their own territory and not in a strange kennel environment without their Alpha owner (s).

There have been some past problems with Shar Pei that have been left in kennels while the owners are away.

Moral is, if you canít take them with you get a sitter in.

Next as Mentioned, Shar Pei may look like a dog but they should not be treated as such when it comes to their diet.
Most Dog food is rubbish and I have a motto; if I would not eat it, why should any member of my family including my Shar Pei.

Their diet should be of natural foods for the K9 this being, meaty bones, chicken frames, chicken necks, liver, heart, eggs (cooked or raw) cheese, toast, rice & mince mix, Tux dog biscuits and other biscuits.

Like us having a varied diet of different foods each day, over a weekly period.

For water ensure it is filtered water if in an area where tap water has chlorine and fluoride in it as these are poisons.

You must have a back yard that is securely fenced with gates that are kept closed for the Shar Pei to toilet in and spend time if they so desire on nice days.

Access to this area would be through a doggy door or by you opening the back door.

Till you are completely confident that the Shar Pei will come to you on any call you need to put a choker chain and lead on the Shar Pei when taken to any non secure area.
If walking the Shar Pei on the footpath or at any public place you should always use a lead, even when you have voice control.

For the first few weeks it is best to keep the Shar Pei confined to your home and back yard and trained to come to you on call.

After a week or so the Shar Pei can be taken for drives in the car. (they love it)

If by chance you have a Shar Pei that has never been in a car before, they can become car sick till they get their sea legs. (Two or three outings and they normally come right)

If you put your contact details forward to take a rescue Shar Pei then what are you expected to pay?

1/ The transport fee to your home or for you to pick up the Shar Pei.

2/ Any fees required from a Pound or the SPCA.

3/ Any future vet costs and the general day to day expenses associated with keeping a pet.

4/ Payment for the annual registration fee and any other similar requirements.

There will not be any payment for the Shar Pei as a purchase. These Rescue Shar Pei are not for sale.

When a Shar Pei comes available in your area you will be contacted and informed of all information about the Shar Pei that is known.

Where possible a picture will be supplied by email, the age, sex, coat type, any health problems determined from initial examination and past history (if known)

You will have as little as 24 hours to reply with a yes or no and then the Shar Pei will be offered to another home.

If you wish to put your name forward after reading the above then fill out the form in the following link.

Adoption form.


If you have a Shar Pei that has to be re-homed for any valid reason then please email us at filling in the form in the following link.Re-Homing Application
Not required by any SPCA Branch or Council Pound and Dog Control Officers. Instead phone 0800 466464 or Fax to 0800 466463 or email to

Below are pictures of Jazz a 8 year old Shar Pei Bitch rescued June 2007 and now living with my pack. Wally Richards

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