Shar-Peiís in New Zealand
a history of the breed in N.Z. written by Wally Richards
Information from the New Zealand Kennel Club and some N.Z. Breeders.

The first recorded registration of a Shar-Pei in New Zealand by the New Zealand Kennel club happened on the 17/03/83.
A black dog bred in the UK by Miss H. Ligget and imported with the pedigree name of Heathstyle Chang Fu (IMP-UK).
The dog was registered by Mrs B. Trevare-Domeyer of Sydney Australia.
This dog had bad skin problems and even though it was registered in NZ it never was imported and remained in Australia.

The Book "Understanding The Chinese Shar-Pei by Jo Ann Redditt reports that on December the 1st 1986 J. and J. McMullen of Rotorua received their first Shar Pei, Opel Puggleberry from England.
She had travelled for 40 hours confined to a box with nothing but water to arrive at her new home and was only the second Shar-Pei in New Zealand. (There is no mention of a first and this bitch is not recorded by the NZ Kennel Club)

Three years later on the 16/07/86 two puppies were imported from the UK and registered in NZ.
They were both Black and a dog and a bitch.
Breed by Mesdames, Baker & Sweeting (UK)
with the pedigree names (B) We-Tu Hei Te and (D) HoíSe Te We-Tu
Their UK parents were
Fearghas Hak Fu and Dah-Letís Asha of Tsihmaoís.
The Bitch went to a Mrs Hart in Nelson and The Dog went to a Mrs Gordon in Tauranga.
Both of the above have changed their addresses and have not being ableto be located.

Four Months later a Miss L Harrison and a Mr P. Adam both in the Auckland area imported 2 bitch puppies from Mrs H. G. Sweeting (UK).
Reg as Fearghas Chinese Pearl (L. Harrison) and called Dolly. Dolly passed away in October 1996 just under 10 years old.
Fearghas Chinese Ivory (P.Adam)
Both these bitches were cream.

Reg on the 13/09/87 Mrs Hart in Nelson imported a dog from the UK reg as NZ CH Jolerob Muffsfustun (IMP-UK). Bred by a Mrs J. Lawrence (UK).

Mrs Hart had the first litter of Shar-pei puppies in NZ registered with the Kennel club on 10/07/88 there were three dogs and one bitch.

A dog CH. Jenneva Kowloon King went to Mrs Sutherland in Geraldine NZ. (Mrs Sutherland is currently a well known South Island Breeder.
Mrs Hart kept a bitch and the others were sold to non-members of the kennel club.

A few days later (22/07/88) Miss L. Harrison had the second NZ born litter with Mrs Gordonís dog being the sire. A litter of 5 puppies, 3 dogs and 2 bitches all black.
Miss Harrison kept a dog and Mr Adam took a Bitch the others were transferred to non-members.

Mrs Sutherland imported a bitch from the Uk and this was registered on the 24/11/88 as NZ CH Jentiki Havoc in New Zealand. Bred by Mrs J.D. Baker (Eng).

Mrs Hart had a further litter of 6 puppies, reg 27/08/89, 3 dogs, 3 bitches.
A bitch was purchased by Mrs G. Hill of Auckland who also has become a well known NZ breeder. Reg Jenneva Chin-Chi.
Mrs Hart kept a dog, a bitch went to Australia (Mrs Trevare-Domeyer) The rest to non-members.

On 27/09/89 our first Import from America was registered, bred by L. Sweezey & P& K Gesell (USA) from Chesapeakeís FíRed Mossyrock and Mt Valhalla Hi Lilly Hi Low.
Reg as NZ CH Mt Valhalla Abidabadoo owned by Mrs Davis of Christchurch

On 14/11/89 frozen sperm was brought into NZ from the USA.

Mrs Hart had a further litter of 3 puppies reg on the 24/04/90 all went to non-members.

Mrs Hill imported a bitch from the UK breeders Mr & Mrs Bousfield reg as Yacanto Tea Rose (UK) on 03/05/90

Mrs Sutherlad registered a litter of 3 puppies on 9/05/90 , kept two and the other went to a non-member.

Mrs Hill imported a dog from the UK breeders Mr & Mrs Bousfield (UK) that was registered as NZ CH Yacanto Rain Check (IMP-UK)
Note: my own first dog whom we call Te Te was from a later mating of these two imports of Mrs Hill.

Mrs Davis imported a further 2 dogs and one bitch during 1990-91 period and Mrs Sutherland imported another dog in the later part of 1990.

The above are from the official records of the New Zealand Kennel Club and covers the first 7 years of Shar-Peis registered in NZ.

A total of 11 New Zealand bred Shar-Peis were registered in 1991.
6 in 1992
38 in 1993
59 in 1994
102 in 1995
101 in 1996.
So there was 363 Shar-Pei Registered in NZ as at 27/2/97
With 32 Kennel Names registered as being Shar-Pei Kennels.

The popularity of Shar-Pei became great and well known by most New Zealanders as a result of TV advertising on Toilet Rolls.
The Orginal NZ Shar-Pei to appear on the Commercials was called Muffy and is owned by Miss L. Harrison (From above)
Later one of her pups (Harley) took over the commercials and certainly put Shar-Peiís well into the minds of most New Zealanders.
Other Pups have since being used for the commercials and a theme song that goes "Hey Hey Rolly" has become well known.

When ever I take my Shar-Peiís to the park Kids will sing out Hey Hey Rolly.
The bred though well known through the TV commercials are still seldom seen by most New Zealanders and I am often stopped when I have them out in my van.
Peoples usual comments areÖ. I have seen them on TV but never seen them in the Flesh.

Shorly after receiving my first Shar-Pei (Te Te, which is short for Toilet Tissue) I advertised him in a promotion for a Garden Centre that I owned at the time.
Hundreds of people came to see him that week end.
I currently have 7 Shar-Pei
Te Te who will be 7 years old in August 2000.
Ming an imported Bitch from Australia who has had five litters.
Chi Tou a 3 year old chocolate bitch bred in NZ.
Ti a 3 year old bitch from Te Te and Ming.
Teem Sum a 2 year old bitch and the grand daughter of Ming.
Sian a rescued bitch bred in NZ.
Zen a 5 month old male at 2nd Nov 99 born from Chi Tou and Te Te,

Generally speaking the overall health of the breed is good in this country and there are some very good looking future NZ Champions being breed.
Likely overseas interest will start to occur and we will start exporting good quality show and breeding Peiís; back overseas in time to come.

Wally Richards


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